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3 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Personal Trainer

Tom, owner of Platinum Fitness, explains in detail what you should look for when hiring a personal trainer, or working with a Personal Training Company. 


Hey! Tom here with Platinum Fitness Training– I want to go over 3 factors to consider when hiring a personal trainer.

  1. One, the first things to consider when hiring a personal trainer or even signing on to work with a personal training company, is what kind of experience the trainer has training and servicing their clients in the local community.  Look for before and after photos as well as real life testimonials. This will go a long way in demonstrating what you as a client can realistically expect while working with the particular trainer.
  2. Two, I believe it’s extremely important to consider the personality and disposition of the trainer with whom you’re going to be spending your money and your valuable time on your health and fitness journey. Your trainer should make you feel comfortable and make it easy for you to give honest feedback.  They’ll have to be skilled at getting the most out of you while at the same time being sensitive to your realistic fitness progressions.  They have to give positive reinforcement and also tough love when necessary.  It isn’t just about skill of writing a good fitness program, it’s about executing it while taking in the specific, different facets of each client’s abilities.
  3. Third, Dependability, Reliability, and Convenience. A good personal trainer or personal training company should be located in an area that is convenient for you and your busy schedule.  You want to eliminate any potential obstacles such as distance or scheduling conflicts. The trainer you hire should check in with you if you miss a session, and they should be reliable for you as well.  Making your training schedule should work for your lifestyle, within reason.

Thanks, and see you next time.