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Looking for a workout that can help you achieve your fitness goals? Personal training might be the right choice for you! This video explains what personal training includes and how it can help you meet your fitness goals.


What does personal training include? At Platinum Fitness Training, we want to deliver as much value as possible in exchange for your commitment to our team. You’re not just hiring a personal trainer. You’re partnering with a company that has been changing lives through fitness and nutrition in central PA for over 15 years. You are investing in your health and fitness. 

Our clients receive a gym membership with their personal training program. We have over 125,000 square feet of modern strength and conditioning equipment and over 250 pieces of cardio. Our gyms are conveniently open from 4:00 AM to midnight during the week and 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the weekends. Clients can use our facilities anytime, not just while working with their trainer. Also available are our Platinum Fitness Tribe classes and tanning, and you have the ability to bring a guest. In addition, we are excited to announce that all PT clients receive access to the Platinum Fitness branded app.

This app will sync with most wearables, such as Fitbit and MyFitness Pal. All your programs will be stored on this app, from your strength sessions with your trainer, your mobility, your warmups, your meal planning, and your cardio to your workouts which your trainer may propose you do on your own. This app will store and track all your measurable steps, weight, body fat, heart rate, before and after photos, and more. You’ll be able to communicate with your trainer, a program coordinator, and even customer service via this app. There’s even a comprehensive video library to reference and refresh your memory on performing a movement. Our average client works with their trainer twice a week. We have a team of flexible trainers who can accommodate most schedules. All our clients receive a pre-workout movement prep to complete before beginning each session with their trainer and to use for workouts other than with their trainer.

Clients will receive an initial cardio prescription, which can be done independently and updated as needed. As clients progress and graduate to a point where they can perform some of these movements independently, their trainer may write programs for them to perform outside their sessions. Either directly at the conclusion of the session or possibly on other days of the week to augment their trainer-directed sessions. We have a teaching component to our personal training that encourages clients to be able to do some work on their own, giving them the best chance for success. The branded app I mentioned makes this a seamless process, even if a client moves out of our area. The app allows us to continue providing programs and facilitating the overall strategy for a client’s fitness and nutrition if they so desire.

Our app allows us to go beyond the customary limitations of an in-house personal trainer. Nutrition and meal planning will be addressed with all clients looking for body composition results. Whether you’re looking to lose body fat or gain strength, Platinum Fitness Training will provide a nutrition manual covering what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat based on your goals. For instance, if we map out a plan to lose one pound a week for the first, let’s say, 12 weeks. In the first 12-week phase of your program, we’ll plug in your measurements and determine your BMR or basal metabolic rate. Then we have to add your activity and energy expenditures, which gives us your total expenditures.

From there, we create a meal plan that creates a necessary deficit to reach your desired goal. At the end of the day, energy in and out do matter. We will then track your progress weekly and record your results. Your trainer and or nutrition coach will be available along your fitness journey to troubleshoot any pitfalls and be a constant resource week in and week out. Platinum clients partner with a team of trainers, not just their primary trainer. Our goal is to impart our combined experience, skills, and expertise as a team to each client. We’re always continuing our education, learning how to serve our clients through weekly meetings and quarterly workshops better and more effectively. If a client’s schedule changes, and if they move to a different area, we pride ourselves on seamlessly substituting your trainer without the client’s progress skipping a beat. Personal training at Platinum is not a hobby for our fitness team. It’s a passion, and it’s a profession that we all live ourselves daily.