What To Expect: Personal Training With Rachel

What to expect with personal training

What to expect:

Platinum Fitness Personal Trainer Rachel covers what to expect after signing up for a Personal Training Consultation. Don’t forget to sign up for a free consultation at a location near you. 

What to expect: Personal Training

Hey how’s it going guys? My name is Rachel and I am a Personal Trainer here at Platinum Fitness. Today I am going to be covering what you guys can expect when you sign up for personal training.  We’ll be going over the steps leading up to your first session, what you can expect to see during your first session, and what happens afterwards. Initially, when you make the call to Platinum Fitness and you are interested in looking for a personal trainer- our sales person is going to take you through the consultation. Personal Training Consultation During that process you’ll be going over some of your goals, what you are doing right now, your history with exercise if any, any past injuries, health questionnaires and all that good stuff.  

After you agree to sign-up and you get rolling in your contract, you’ll have your first session with your personal trainer. And what you can expect to see is some body stats, so we’ll take your height, your weight, we’ll do body fat measurements.  We’ll do a little bit of a movement screen just to get a feel for how you move, if any injuries are preventing you from doing certain movements. Your personal trainer will go over all of that with you as well.

When you get into the nitty-gritty of personal training, there are a few aspects that you’ll need to consider.  One of those is an active warm-up. Whether that is doing the treadmill, the elliptical, getting a good stretch in, foam rolling, all of that good stuff to get you prepared to strength train with your trainer. Those are all aspects that you can expect to do on your own. This is something that is going to help you guys build the confidence in doing these things by yourself as well as keeping you interested and doing these things to keep you accountable in your exercise and fitness journey. 

Now your personal trainer will take you through the strength training aspect, as that is the hardest part of exercise in many cases.  You can expect to see form correction while you are exercising. Your trainer will probably pick your weights for you and get you set up by demoing each exercise before you guys get rolling.  Then after your 30 minute session, you will end with a cool down whether that is walking, stretching, foam rolling, pretty much everything that you did in the warmup- you can repeat again for your cooldown.  You will do that by yourself.  The personal trainer will also prescribe or assign to you cardio exercises or small strength training exercises for you to do on your own.  Again, this is just to help you guys build accountability and to really pull yourself into your own heath and fitness journey.

What’s really awesome is that Platinum Fitness has it’s own app, and what we are doing is using that app to assign these exercises to our clients and they can log their weights, and reps in the app. Then, give it a rating at the very end, so they can rate it if it was super difficult or very challenging- maybe next time you’ll want to lighten the load a little bit. Or vice versa, it could have been extremely easy and the next week we’ll come back at it with a little more intensity.


What to expect with personal trainingThe last aspect of Personal Training that I’m going to go over is nutrition. So, when you talk to your trainer about nutrition, some things you can expect to see are setting some goals.  Logging your food and weighing your food is probably going to be a big challenge if you’ve never done it before.  So, a lot of times a personal trainer might prescribe that your homework for the first week is to just log whatever food you eat. Not worry if it’s good or bad, if you’re eating in the middle of the night, all we want you to do is to log the food an get into the habit of doing so. You’ll also set other goals such as increasing protein, cutting down carbs, or following a low-fat nutritional guide.

So whatever your goals are, if you’re thinking that personal training is the right step for you- give us a call here at Platinum Fitness and we’ll get you set up to get rolling!


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