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“Use these few items to get the Belt Squat done at your gym”

Coach Mitch Tip: Belt Squat

Hello everyone, this is Mitchell Hoffman from Platinum Fitness Hanover PA, and today I am going to be demonstrating to you a belt squat.  Now if you’ve seen this exercise before it is usually done by using a machine like a Hammer Strength, but if you go to the gym, it is in one of your programs, but it isn’t here or it’s not in your gym this is a variation with equipment you can use to apply this belt squat.

The first thing we need is 2 benches, and depending on your height- if you’re smaller you have to put the benches closer, but if you’re taller you have to take them wider. You need these 2 along with a chain belt, and a kettle bell or dumbbell whichever you prefer.

The bar right here is for safety measures, don’t worry it is locked in and there’s a reason for that, so you don’t fall backwards. So, whenever you’re ready to go, you go down properly just like so, focus. And then come up. This is going to hit your glutes, along with your hamstrings and pretty much the entire muscle group of your legs. And it is important that you control the weight. The whole purpose of this exercise is to not let this weight right here underneath you to swing.

Ok now for safety, grab the weight, set it on the bench, take a step. Done.

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