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Functional Training: What it is & Why We Coach it

Everyone can benefit from functional training!”

Is functional training for you?

Functional Training is a type of training style that focuses on compound movements and often mimics movements that you do in your daily life. Exercises within functional training include: 

  • Squat patterns 
  • Hinge patterns 
  • Pressing & Pushing 
  • Pulling 

 And incorporating movements that stabilize and strengthen the core 

Functional, or practical, training’s approach differs from general strength training; though both are important to incorporate into your routine. Strength training utilizes isolation to target specific muscles for each exercise. Practical training’s use of compound movements make almost every exercise a full body exercise. Our bodies are designed to move in different directions, with flexion and extension, and to create and resist movement. 

Everyone can benefit from functional training! But it can be especially effective for individuals who: 

  • Are parents 
  • Are seniors 
  • Have office jobs
  • Recovering from an injury 

Essentially, if you’re someone who wants to move better, build strength, lose weight, and increase your mobility, you can benefit from functional training

Why Do We Coach It? 

Our personal trainers utilize functional training to keep injuries (both inside and outside of the gym) at bay, to improve people’s quality of life, and to build a strong foundation for more advanced movements. As professionals, we know how to spot a fancy (but ineffective) exercise that you found on Facebook, and supplement it with a movement that’s challenging, effective, and practical for you. 

Schedule your free consultation today to talk to a professional about getting started and seeing how functional strength training can help you reach your goals. 

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