Tell-Tale Signs of a Healthy Body

I have a saying–whether or not I coined it is up for debate– that “convenience is crippling”. I came up with it when I saw a woman driving her riding lawn mower up her driveway to her mailbox. I actually couldn’t believe what I was seeing! She opted for a more convenient way to get her mail instead of walking. Now, I’m sure that I didn’t get the whole picture– she could’ve just had a knee replacement and is restricted in her movement, she could’ve been on her way to cut the grass, or maybe she has something like gout that makes it difficult for her to walk. But zooming out to see how we make things in life easier for us, she’s not an exception to the general public. Convenience has made us lazy. 

As Americans, we know that we’re one of the fattest countries. Fast food has become even faster with things like DoorDash and drive-thrus. Sidewalks are basically non-existent outside of urban areas. Most jobs are performed seated at a desk. It’s blatantly obvious that humans just don’t move as much anymore. So, let’s do a little check in; if you can do these 3 things, you might be on the right track with your health and adding in exercise to your lifestyle can further increase your health! If you can’t do these 3 things, you might want to reassess where you’re at with your health and possibly consider working with a personal trainer to get on the right path. 

  1. Putting your shoes on while standing 

Putting shoes (or socks) on is something you probably do every day. Think about how you perform this on a daily basis: do you grab your shoes and sit down on a chair to put them on? My guess is that the answer is “yes”. Being able to put a shoe on while standing is a sign that you haven’t lost your balance. It’s a great indicator for healthy ankles and feet, and can show you that your core is still doing the work it’s designed to do. If you’re unable to do this, start by standing on one leg with 1 or 2 fingers against the wall and see how long you can hold that position. Once you’re able to build more stability, take away the assistance from the wall and see how long you can hold there. Even after that, you can add dynamic elements by moving your arms or standing on an unstable surface. 

  1. Getting up from the floor without any assistance from your hands or furniture 

This is a big one. Many of my clients that are 40+ don’t have the ability to get up and down from the floor without using their hands or needing extra assistance from a bench or box. With the addition of balance work, being able to get up from the floor can significantly decrease the chances of falling accidents and is an indicator of healthy hips, ankles, and knees. This is a great way to incorporate functional training into your lifestyle! 

  1. Reaching your arms above your head so they cover your ears 

Overhead mobility is something that many people lose as they age. Again, being seated at a desk every day has been shown to significantly impact your posture. Individuals who have a rounded upper back show that their chest and shoulders are underdeveloped and weak, which lead to loss of mobility. You might not realize that you press things overhead on a day-to-day basis, but think about putting your dishes away on a top shelf– that right there is an overhead press! 

If you can’t do any of these movements, don’t sweat it. It’s not too late to start adding movement into your life today. If you can do these movements, awesome! But don’t stop there, maintaining your strength is the key to living healthier and moving better. Not sure where to start? Try our free personal training consultation to take the first step

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Tell-Tale Signs of a Healthy Body

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